A Sneak Peek at my New fabfitfun Spring Sale Products


By Nichole Devolites

I’ve been a Premiere member of fabfitfun for an entire year now, and it’s still the best subscription purchase I’ve ever made! It’s allowed me to stock up on some of my now go-to products at just a fraction of the price! But, i’ve also ordered some new products to try and either I’m improving at choosing the products or the brands they offer are getting better. Below are my reviews of what I’ve ordered and what I recommend for you all to try:

Cocofloss in Delicious Mint - A+

Since getting my teeth whitened, I’ve become obsessed with keeping them that way. But, it isn’t just about the whitener, or the toothpaste, or the mouthwash - it’s also about flossing. Cocofloss is not only healthier for your gums, but it removes far more from in between your teeth, preventing any slight yellowing from occurring (not to mention, a pinker gum line). It’s considered luxury floss ($8 a box and up from there when you purchase larger sizes), but in my opinion, you can’t put a price on great teeth!

How to use: After every brushing.

Retails for: $8 - $25 a box

Nectar Blue Light Blocking Wayfarer - Black - A+

Excuse the morning hair… and pajamas. Work starts early!

Excuse the morning hair… and pajamas. Work starts early!

A girlfriend of mine started rocking blue light blocking glasses a few months ago and she said she felt so much better at the end of the day, after staring at a screen for hours. So, I jumped at the chance to buy Nectar’s at a low price.

While these won’t work well for far-sighted people that need glasses to read screens (ask your Optometrist about options), they do work well for everyone else. It’s reduced how tired my eyes are at the end of the day!

How to use: Every time you’ll be staring at a screen for long periods of time.

They retail for $45.

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask - A+

The AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask is a “stock up” item. I’ve purchased this before and an so in love with it, that it’s become a twice-a-week go-to. It’s helped keep my pores small and my face hydrated (which is so finicky to begin with). I highly recommend for those with dry skin in the winter.

How to use: Twice a week, right after your shower.

This retails for $35

AHAVA Brightening Mud Mask - B

Most of it dried, but it definitely has a mermaid look to it :)

Most of it dried, but it definitely has a mermaid look to it :)

The AHAVA Brightening Mud Mask was a new find for me and I’m a bit on the fence. I didn’t notice a difference in brightening, though it may have been due to bad lighting or the recent BBL treatments I’d been getting. Either way, I’ll keep using it to see if my opinion changes. The upside: I love the almost mermaid effect when the mask is drying!

How to use: Once a week.

This retails for $32

Grown Alchemist Age Repair Eye Cream - A+

Grown Alchemist Age Repair Eye Cream is everything! I’ve been a loyal fan of both Germaine du Cappuccini and Elemis for some time, but this little wonder has changed my opinion. Not only has it reduced fine lines, it’s also tremendously brightened under my eyes (and given my workload at my day job, I wake up looking like a raccoon most of the time). It’s is well-worth the money (which is priced fairly well against the other great ones out there). I highly recommend for those with fine lines and/or dark circles.

How to use: Every morning before applying makeup or other face products.

This retails for $69

AVYA Night Moisturizer - A+

Night moisturizers are expensive and there’s a reason for it. It’s chock full of vitamins and minerals that work to repair your skin while you’re sleeping. It’s the one thing you should splurge on but also the one thing that is so costly to make a mistake on. It’s why I was so excited to finally see a night moisturizer being offered through fff that I could try and not feel guilty tossing if I didn’t like it. The GREAT news - I’m in love!

I’ve used other retinol-containing products and my skin has freaked out. AVYA Night Moisturizer is enough of a balance that I wake up with fresh, hydrated, younger-looking skin that doesn’t feel greasy or dry. I highly recommend for those with combination skin.

How to use: Every other night if paired with a Retinol peel.

This retails for $95

Denese FirmaTone Retinol Peel - A

Ever since my first BBL treatment, Retinol has become a huge part of my skincare routine. It firms skin, removes dead cells, and promotes faster regeneration. A few days after my BBL treatments, I usually turn to Retinol to remove the spots that have surfaced just a bit faster (esthetician approved). But, even in between my sessions and beyond, I’ve learned it does wonders for clear skin.

I tried Denese FirmaTone Retinol Peel a few times and I believe that because of how I now take care of my skin, alternating this with the night cream every other night, it’s maintained by skin’s appearance. It’s also affordable (Retinol products can get pricey). I highly recommend for all skin types.

How to use: Every other night if paired with a night cream.

This retails for $45

Terre Mere Rose and Pomegranate Moisturizer - B

I’m always on the hunt for a great moisturizer and unfortunately, Terre Mere Rose and Pomegranate Moisturizer has slightly missed the mark for me. I’m a huge fan of Hyaluronic acid as a form of moisturizer due to it’s collagen properties, and I’m also a big fan of antioxidants. But, this particular moisturizer isn’t really showing me the benefits of continual use that I was hoping for. In fact, mid-day, it’s caused excessive oil. It also has a pretty pungent smell. I would only recommend this to people with very dry skin or those that need a bit more assistance with their fine lines.

How to use: Every morning - use sparingly!

This retails for $108

Rodial Beauty Bee Venom String Patch - A+

So. Much. Yes to this wonder! The name sounds daunting, and combine that with the slight tingling and it can down-right freak you out (I tried not to think about bees), but the product is incredible! I used it on my smile lines and they instantly disappeared. I highly recommend this to anyone who is doing any sort of photoshoot, for anyone getting ready for a big night out, or if you choose to use it as part of your weekly facial routine (though, it’s pricey).

How to use: Once a week or as-needed.

This retails for $110

Kopari Coconut Rose Toner - A

I stayed away from toner for a long time as it can strip out so much moisture from your skin. But, the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner has changed my mind. Having used this for a little over a week, I’ve not had even one small breakout and my pores are visibly smaller. I highly recommend for all skin types.

How to use: Every single morning, followed by another application in late afternoon. It can be used over or under makeup.

This retails for $25